New releases this summer!

karl and moo

Mooniverse Books is excited to announce two new books, hot off the press this summer.

Firstly Daniel Saunders’ funny and thought-provoking graphic novel, ‘Karl the Hotdog Wizard.’ Despite not being hotdogs or wizards ourselves, many of us will be able to relate to the rather naive but charming Karl, who is bumbling through life, trying to find meaning as best he can.

His search takes him to many different places and dimensions, where he meets some extraordinary characters and works through some of his issues (like exploding, and forgetting where he put his hat).

Daniel Saunders’ unique and humorous take, on a lot of life’s deeper and more complex issues is not to be missed.

There’s More to your Cat‘, is our second release and is aimed at the animal lover who wants to look deeper at their connection with their furry (or even feathered!) friends. Although written about cats, this book can also apply to other members of the animal kingdom.

You can learn how to respond more intuitively to your pet’s needs and to help them better understand you and what is happening in the household.  This is especially useful during times of change and upheaval, which animals can find difficult.

The book covers animal communication techniques and simple energy work that you can use to help to clear emotional stress that your pet may have absorbed throughout their life.

You will find ideas and suggestions on how to cope when a beloved pet dies and read about the author’s extraordinary experiences with her cat, that lead to the writing of this book. A must for anyone who wants to explore and deepen the bond with their animal companions.

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