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Chicken Talk

The Alternative Guide to Chicken-Keeping, is written from the point of view that chickens are people – or ‘The Cheeple’ – as I like to call them, and deserve all of our love and attention.

As well as a detailed overview of all the basic health, housing and security issues, this guide offers in-depth information about the holistic side of keeping chickens. You will learn about chicken communication, how to bond with them, and how to get them to bond with you (the two go hand in hand).

This guide will be useful for beginners, those with experience, and even, or especially, the ‘crazy chicken people.’ However, I advise the more conservative among you to avoid the material at the back of the book, at all costs!

ISBN: 978-0993015670
Length: 185 pages
Dimensions: 139.7mm x 215.9mm
RRP: £5.99

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Letters Home – A Guide to Living

In these fast-paced, turbulent and confusing times, have we forgotten how to live? These witty and insightful letters from a soldier on his way to war, show how we can exploit life’s potential even in extreme situations. Stanley’s zest for life was fuelled by his longing for home, his thirst for knowledge and his determined plans for the future.

Even cramped in the hull of a ship, or digging a hole in the desert, he was keen to extract the humour, the joy and the lessons from every moment. Stanley was tragically killed at the Battle of ElAlamein, but what survives in his letters is informative, entertaining, and ultimately inspiring. It is also a timely reminder that; ‘today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope’.

ISBN: 978-0-9930156-5-6
Length: 187 pages
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm
RRP: £7.99

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There’s More to Your Cat

This book sheds light on the deeper spiritual nature of cats, how they take on your stress and how you can help them clear it. This book also explores animal communication and includes the extraordinary story of the author’s cat, “Moo”.

Format: eBook
File Size: 414kb
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