There’s More to Your Cat

£4.99 + p&p (Buy now)

This book sheds light on the deeper spiritual nature of cats, how they take on your stress and how you can help them clear it. This book also explores animal communication and includes the extraordinary story of the author’s cat, “Moo”.

90 pages, paperback pocket book

Karl the Hotdog Wizard

£11.99 + p&p (Buy now)

After becoming dissatisfied with his life, Karl embarks on a journey of self-discovery. It goes reasonably well.

119 pages, full-colour, A5 paperback Graphic Novel

Citizen 34825

£3.99 + p&p (Buy now)

Citizen 34825 exists within a world of simplicity and isolation. He works, eats nutritional cubes, and enjoys looking at pictures of trees. Sometimes he cries. However, everything changes when he accidentally meets another human…

20 pages, black and white, A5 saddlestitch Comic

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