Are Rabbits Bears? + The Companion Guide

£14.99 + p&p (Buy now)

Prepare to enter the secret world of bears in this interactive set of children’s books, written by bears about bears! Are Rabbits Bears? No? Are you sure? Read this book and find out.

There are many different types of teddy bears. Magical Blue Bears, Optabears, Small Helping Bears, Chi Bears, the list goes on. Read their stories inside. Then use the Companion Guide and its identification tables to find out what kind of bear you have at home. You will also find advice on getting to know your bear, how to find out if they are actually alive, and how to keep them that way!

206 pages, 234mm x 156mm paperback

47 pages, A4 Saddle-stitch

Letters Home – A Guide to Living

£7.99 + p&p (Buy now)

In these fast-paced, turbulent and confusing times, have we forgotten how to truly live? These witty and insightful letters from a soldier on his way to war, show how we can exploit life’s potential even in extreme situations. Stanley’s zest for life was fuelled by his longing for home, his thirst for knowledge and determined plans for the future.

Even cramped in the hull of a ship, or digging a hole in the desert, he was keen to extract the humour, the joy and the lessons from every moment. Stanley was tragically killed at the Battle of ElAlamein, but what survives in his letters is informative, entertaining, and ultimately inspiring. It is also a timely reminder that; ‘today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope’.

187 pages, A5 paperback

Karl the Hotdog Wizard

£11.99 + p&p (Buy now)

After becoming dissatisfied with his life, Karl embarks on a journey of self-discovery. It goes reasonably well.

119 pages, full-colour, A5 paperback Graphic Novel

There’s More to Your Cat

£4.99 + p&p (Buy now)

This book sheds light on the deeper spiritual nature of cats, how they take on your stress and how you can help them clear it. This book also explores animal communication and includes the extraordinary story of the author’s cat, “Moo”.

90 pages, paperback pocket book

Citizen 34825

£3.99 + p&p (Buy now)

Citizen 34825 exists within a world of simplicity and isolation. He works, eats nutritional cubes, and enjoys looking at pictures of trees. Sometimes he cries. However, everything changes when he accidentally meets another human…

20 pages, black and white, A5 saddlestitch Comic

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