New releases for Christmas 2020!

Nearly 20 years after its inception in 2001, this unique and magical offering for bear lovers everywhere, has emerged into print, just in time for Christmas.

Our interactive set of children’s books — Are Rabbits Bears, and its Companion Guide — is finally ready to share with the world. ‘Are Rabbits Bears?’ is a book written for all those who love bears. Have you ever thought your teddy bear was more alive than you have been taught to believe? These books explain why!

The stories in ‘Are Rabbits Bears?’ are narrated by Professor Darwin who is prompted to write an encyclopaedia of bears, when his assistant, Rabbit, insists he is, in fact, a bear. Darwin insists that he isn’t.

The truth starts to come out over the course of the book, while he is telling the stories about the 12 different types of bears – Small Helping Bears, Chi Bears, Optabears, to name a few.

This is a fun way for children to hone the power of their imaginations and start to get curious about their furry friends.

The Companion Guide has all the information they need to know about the Bear Dimension and how things work – from houses, to finances, and even bear philosophy.

The identification tables will assist children in getting to know their own furry friends in depth. What kind of bear do they have? How should they treat them? They will find out all this and more when they explore the magical world of the Bear Dimension.

Our second release of the season is Letters Home – A Guide to Living. A book of letters from 1942, by Stanley Smith, a former teacher, now soldier, on his way to war and an uncertain future.

His good humour, wit, dedication to family and determined plans for the future, shine through in every letter. Despite living in the most limited and difficult circumstances, Stanley has an inspiring ability to make the most of every moment. He exploits every experience that comes his way by turning it into a comic tale for his wife, a poem for the children or a philosophical idea to ponder.

Unfortunately Stanley was killed in battle at El Alamein but his legacy lives on in this book. Although it is a stark reminder of the devastation of war, it also serves as a blueprint for living the best life we can, even if, right at this moment, it is not the one we want. 2020 has shattered so many people’s hopes and plans for the future and provided unexpected and terrifying challenges on the way.

This book is a reminder that while we still have our freedom, we have a lot more than we think and can still make the most of every minute, every experience, every small joy, that comes our way. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain an entirely new perspective on your life, through this unique and thought-provoking series of letters, drawings and poems.

New releases this summer!

karl and moo

Mooniverse Books is excited to announce two new books, hot off the press this summer.

Firstly Daniel Saunders’ funny and thought-provoking graphic novel, ‘Karl the Hotdog Wizard.’ Despite not being hotdogs or wizards ourselves, many of us will be able to relate to the rather naive but charming Karl, who is bumbling through life, trying to find meaning as best he can.

His search takes him to many different places and dimensions, where he meets some extraordinary characters and works through some of his issues (like exploding, and forgetting where he put his hat).

Daniel Saunders’ unique and humorous take, on a lot of life’s deeper and more complex issues is not to be missed.

There’s More to your Cat‘, is our second release and is aimed at the animal lover who wants to look deeper at their connection with their furry (or even feathered!) friends. Although written about cats, this book can also apply to other members of the animal kingdom.

You can learn how to respond more intuitively to your pet’s needs and to help them better understand you and what is happening in the household.  This is especially useful during times of change and upheaval, which animals can find difficult.

The book covers animal communication techniques and simple energy work that you can use to help to clear emotional stress that your pet may have absorbed throughout their life.

You will find ideas and suggestions on how to cope when a beloved pet dies and read about the author’s extraordinary experiences with her cat, that lead to the writing of this book. A must for anyone who wants to explore and deepen the bond with their animal companions.