The Beastliest Bear

The Beastliest Bear

Reading age: 7 to 11+

Basher has big dreams. He wants to win the title of Beastliest Bear of the Year. His dreams are rudely shattered when Christabel enters the shop. Despite Basher’s furious glares and best scowling face, he’s the sweetest little bear she’s ever seen. By the time Christabel has finished, Basher’s reputation is in pieces. With all his mates laughing at him, Basher knows he can’t return to the Beastly Bear Club until he can prove he really is the beastliest bear in town. The odds are stacked against him, but a true Beastly Bear never gives up!

ISBN: 978-0993015601
Length: 79 Pages
Dimensions: 139.7mm x 215.9mm
RRP: £3.99

£3.99 + p&p

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I much enjoyed this little book, with its likeable illustrations. I was soon drawn in to the adventure. It has that special feel, like Wind in the Willows, and Pooh Bear.

– Mickle


An innovative and highly enjoyable children’s book. Bears can be cute, yes, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. So, meet Basher, who wishes to be the beastliest of bears…well-characterised, slyly humorous and very imaginative, this is a children’s book that doesn’t treat its readers like kids. Looking forward to further adventures of Basher and his chums. Recommended!

-Mr K. P. Shinn


A fun book. If, like me, you prefer grumpy to cute and motorbikes to castles, you’ll enjoy the Beastliest Bear. A brilliant creation.

-Alison Fuller