Letters Home – A Guide to Living

Letters Home – A Guide to Living

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In these fast-paced, turbulent and confusing times, have we forgotten how to truly live? These witty and insightful letters from a soldier on his way to war, show how we can exploit life’s potential even in extreme situations. Stanley’s zest for life was fuelled by his longing for home, his thirst for knowledge and determined plans for the future.

Even cramped in the hull of a ship, or digging a hole in the desert, he was keen to extract the humour, the joy and the lessons from every moment. Stanley was tragically killed at the Battle of ElAlamein, but what survives in his letters is informative, entertaining, and ultimately inspiring. It is also a timely reminder that; ‘today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope’.

187 pages, A5 paperback

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