Karl the Hotdog Wizard

Karl the Hotdog Wizard

Karl’s wife lives in a shed at the bottom of the garden. Karl and Justine have not spoken for many years, but Karl writes letters to her regularly, posting them through a gap underneath the door. Once a year or so, he gets a reply.

Karl is also studying to become a wizard, but progress is painfully slow. After five years, he can only summon seagulls.

Dissatisfied with his life, he begins a journey of self-discovery. In the deep, dark wilderness, he quickly finds himself, instructions on “How to Karl”, and a new sense of optimism. But, just as things begin to look up, he is thrown into another dimension…

His adventure takes him to many different places, where he meets some extraordinary characters, and works through his various issues (like exploding and forgetting where he put his hat)

ISBN: 979-8511957623
Length: 119 pages
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm
RRP: £11.99

£11.99 + p&p


Loved this comic! Very unique and individual with a super distinctive style. Daniel Saunders’ comics never fail to impress. Looking forward to the new release too!



I love stepping into Daniel Saunders’ creatively surreal mind



I read the book from start to finish and enjoyed every page. It’s classic Daniel Saunders, full of wit, comedy and charm



It was really good! Made me chuckle, full of weird humour and was awesome to look at!