Latest releases for 2022!

Mooniverse Books is excited to present the first two books in The Beastliest Bear series. If you have read Are Rabbits Bears you will already have met Basher Bear who longs for one thing – to become the Beastliest Bear of the Year. ‘Beastly’ is bear-speak for ‘cool’ and the Beastly Bear Club is where all the coolest bears hang out. After losing his reputation at the hands of Christabel who thinks he is the sweetest little bear she’s ever seen, he hatches a daring plan to reverse his fortunes.

Hampered by a close encounter of the candy floss kind and even by his own desire to eat more chocolate biscuits than is good for him, he overcomes obstacles and wins a powerful ally in Bones, six-time title winner and laid-back bear-about-town. But at the end of the day, he’s on his own, competing for the title of Beastliest Bear of the Year. The odds are stacked against him, but a true Beastly Bear never gives up.

In the second book in the series – The Beastliest Bear and the Very Unbeastly Rabbit, Basher has a new problem in his life. That problem has big eyes and long ears, and follows him about – EVERYWHERE! There is no way he can appear at the Beastly Bear Club with the embarrassingly unbeastly Rabbit in tow.

In desperation he tries all sorts of plots and schemes to get rid of him but Rabbit just keeps bouncing back like a rubber ball. In the end there is only one option left open to him. It’s daring, it’s dangerous, and it’s a worthy challenge for the Beastliest Bear of the Year.

It will take all his cool, cunning and creativity and it’ll bring some surprises on the way!

New for 2022 is ‘Photograph‘, the second of Daniel Saunders full-length graphic novels. Gerald is an ordinary man who is trying to come to terms with the death of his son.

Daniel Saunders skilfully leads us from the Dr’s surgery into the labyrinth of Gerald’s subconscious. As Gerald navigates his way forwards, his mind throws up all sorts of distractions, misdirections and radioactive chickens.

Harangued and helped in equal parts by his takeaway-obsessed cat, Gerald meets a vengeful lizard, has a conversation with a vegan seamonster, and even discovers the secret of the pizza pyramid. Revelations lie in wait when he finally finds his way back to the truth.

This book will give you a lot to think about, laugh at and ponder over, as well as providing some invaluable advice for a successful life: Never trust an electrician without eyebrows and whatever you do – don’t create universes in the waiting room!

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